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MobiliTraIN will equip its Doctoral Candidates (DCs) with a unique multidisciplinary skill set. The training programme will cover key theoretical and practical competencies in science and technology research, as well as important transferable skills. In addition to their individual PhD project, including intersectoral secondments, and training in their PhD programme, MobiliTraIN provides network-wide training built on a modular approach.

February 2024 — January 2025

Year 1

MobiliTraIN kicks-off and introduces the newly recruited DCs to the project.

Introduction Days

December 2024
Researcher projects and WPs overview, network management introduction. Training modules on: Ion mobility fundamentals and applications (research); Research project management (transferable); IM-HRMS industry inside-out (business)

1st MobiliTraINing Days

January 2025 DCs and WPs progress.
Training modules on: Introduction to IM instrument design and modification (research); Evaluating risks of organic chemicals in the environment and for human health (research)

February 2025 — January 2026

Year 2

Interim Workshop 1

July 2025
Training modules on: Ion structure through computational chemistry and complementary methods (research); Mastering big data analysis: key tools & approaches (transferable).

2nd MobiliTraINing Days

January 2026 DCs and WPs progress.
Training modules on: From lab to user: understanding laboratory accreditation (business); As open as possible, as closed as necessary (transferable).

February 2026 — January 2027

Year 3

Interim Workshop 2

July 2026
Training modules on: Advanced HRMS data processing (research); Sustainable research: SDGs and the Green Charter (transferable).

3rd MobiliTraINing Days

January 2027 DCs and WPs progress.
Training modules on: Leadership and mentoring in science (transferable); Career planning and job preparation across sectors (business).

February 2027 — January 2028

Year 4

Final event

July 2027
This will create a platform for the DCs to disseminate results, discuss job opportunities and future collaborations.