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The MobiliTraIN consortium


MobiliTraIN brings together 9 Beneficiaries and 13 Associated Partners from 8 countries. Our consortium includes leading researchers from 10 academic institutions (BOKU, CNRS, FUB, INSERM, UJK, UAntwerpen, UNIMAN, ONIRIS VetAgroBio, UU, UNIGE) with state-of-the-art research expertise in ion mobility-mass spectrometry and excellent graduate training programmes. It also includes 3 world-leading IM-HRMS manufacturers renowned for their development of ion mobility-mass spectrometry instrumentation (Agilent, Bruker, Waters), 1 regulatory agency (BAM), 5 SMEs (accelCH, AFIN-TS, EnviBee, GTImpact, QA), and one large pharmaceutical company (Janssen) with expertise encompassing non-target screening for food and environmental samples, standardisation, drug discovery, and quality assurance, but also training on outreach and transferable skills.