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DC3 supervisor

Dr. Eduardo Carrascosa

Bruker Daltonics GmbH & Co. KG (BRUKER), Germany

Dr. Eduardo Carrascosa is R&D Instrumentation Scientist at Bruker Daltonics GmbH & Co. KG. His main areas of research include ion mobility, tandem mass spectrometry, reaction dynamics, spectroscopy, as well as gas phase instrumentation development. He obtained his M.Sc. in Chemistry from the Autonomous University Madrid (Spain), followed by a PhD in Physics from the University of  Innsbruck (Austria). He then worked as a PostDoc at the University of Melbourne (Australia) and at EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland), combining research and development with supervision of B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD candidates.
During his scientific career he has obtained European funding, such as a Marie Curie ESR fellowship, a DOC doctoral fellowship, and a FWF Schrödinger Fellowship (Austria). He has also been recipient of a project grant from the Swedish Foundation for International Collaboration in Research and Higher Education (STINT) as project co-leader. He has published more than 35 peer-reviewed publications and is reviewer for ACS, AIP, Elsevier, and Nature Journals.

“The MobiliTraIN network brings together some of the most innovative minds in the ion mobility and mass spectrometry communities, thereby covering a large range of applications from biomedicine to environmental science. I am convinced that this vast fundamental knowledge, combined with the direct interaction with mass spectrometry instrumentation companies, will push the limits of ion mobility research towards the discovery of new methodological avenues and applications.”

Selected Publications

  1. Buntine, J.T., Carrascosa, E., Bull, J.N., Jacovella, U., Cotter, M.I., Watkins, P., Liu, C., Scholz, M.S., Adamson, B.D., Marlton, S.J., & Bieske, E.J. (2022). An ion mobility mass spectrometer coupled with a cryogenic ion trap for recording electronic spectra of charged, isomer-selected clusters. The Review of scientific instruments, 93 4, 043201.
  2. Rabus, J. M., Pellegrinelli, R. P., Khodr, A. H. A., Bythell, B. J., Rizzo, T. R., & Carrascosa, E. (2021). Unravelling the structures of sodiated β-cyclodextrin and its fragments. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23(24), 13714–13723.
  3. Carrascosa, E., Bull, J. N., Martínez‐Núñez, E., Scholz, M. S., Buntine, J. T., & Bieske, E. J. (2021). Photoisomerization of linear and stacked isomers of a charged styryl dye: a tandem ion mobility study. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 32(12), 2842–2851.
  4. Pellegrinelli, R. P., Yue, L., Carrascosa, E., Warnke, S., Faleh, A. B., & Rizzo, T. R. (2020). How General Is Anomeric Retention during Collision-Induced Dissociation of Glycans? Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142(13), 5948–5951.
  5. Dyukova, I., Carrascosa, E., Pellegrinelli, R. P., & Rizzo, T. R. (2020). Combining Cryogenic Infrared Spectroscopy with Selective Enzymatic Cleavage for Determining Glycan Primary Structure. Analytical Chemistry, 92(2), 1658–1662.
  6. Carrascosa, E., Meyer, J., Michaelsen, T., Stei, M., & Wester, R. (2018). Conservation of direct dynamics in sterically hindered SN2/E2 reactions. Chemical Science, 9(3), 693–701.
  7. Stei, M., Carrascosa, E., Dörfler, A., Meyer, J., Olasz, B., Czakó, G., Li, A., Guo, H., & Wester, R. (2018). Stretching vibration is a spectator in nucleophilic substitution. Science Advances, 4(7).
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