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DC5 supervisor

Dr. Jakub Ujma

Waters (legal name: Micromass UK Ltd.) (WATERS), MS Research , United Kingdom

Jakub graduated from Edinburgh University with a first-class Masters degree in Chemistry with Industrial Experience in 2012, and earned his PhD in Chemistry from Manchester University in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Perdita Barran. During his PhD, Jakub designed and constructed a cryogenic ion mobility drift tube and coupled it to a commercial quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-ToF) mass spectrometer. The new instrument was then used to study transient states of protein unfolding. He also collaborated with the groups of Prof. Oleg Boyarkine and Prof. Thomas Rizzo (EPFL, Lausanne) on applying cold ion spectroscopy to investigate amyloidogenic peptide aggregation.

In 2016, Jakub joined the MS Research team at Waters Corporation, where he worked on the development of cutting-edge ‘Cyclic IMS’ technology. His contributions included the construction of technology demonstrators, development of new functionalities such as tandem IMS, and associated instrument control software. Jakub highlighted the utility of the new technology in a number of areas, notably to separate and characterize carbohydrate anomers and in studies of protein unfolding using multi-stage IMS experiments. Since the commercialisation of the Cyclic IMS in 2018, Jakub continues to focus on MS instrumentation design (ToF-MS, IMS, ion sources, and ion guides). In addition, Jakub also contributes to applications research on isomeric mixtures and high molecular weight ions (e.g., virus particles) using IMS, ToF and Charge Detection MS technologies.

Jakub has co-authored 26 scientific papers, is a named inventor on 11 patent applications, and his work has been cited approximately 1300 times. Jakub regularly presents at international meetings and was presiding at the IMS Special Interest Group at the Annual Conference of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry from 2018 to 2020.

“The MobiliTraIN project is an investment in knowledge, in people, and in the future of Ion Mobility – Mass Spectrometry. This cross-sector initiative brings together instrument manufacturers and technology users from both academia and industry. In a collaborative effort to expand the field of IM-MS, MobiliTraIN will deliver new fundamental and analytical knowledge of IM-MS, standardize procedures and create reference materials. Most importantly, our students will become a new generation of experts in the IM-MS field, equipped with the skills to apply the IM-MS technologies to future analytical challenges.”

Selected Publications

  1. Ujma J, Giles K, de Corral J, Richardson K, Langridge D, Cooper-Shepherd D, Autonomous multi-pass and IMSn acquisitions on the Cyclic IMS platform, Proc. Annual ASMS Conference (2023) ThP 386,  Houston, TX
  2. Robb CG, Dao TP, Ujma J, Castaneda CA, Beveridge R,  Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry Unveils Global Protein Conformations in Response to Conditions that Promote and Reverse Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation, 145, J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2023) 23, 12541,
  3. Ujma J, Langridge D, Wildgoose J, Richardson K, Pacholarz K, Liggett E, Barran P, Anderson I, Giles K, Anderson M Examining the m/z Separative Capability of Travelling Waves for Large Molecule Characterisation, Proc. Annual ASMS Conference (2022) MP 290,  Minneapolis, MN
  4. Ujma J, Giles K, Anderson M, Richardson K, Declustering and Charge-stripping Enables Mass Determination of AAVs in Tof MS, Proc. Annual ASMS Conference (2022) MP 481,  Minneapolis, MN
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