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DC7 supervisor

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Florian Meier-Rosar

University Hospital Jena (UKJ), Faculty of Medicine, Germany

Florian is a tenure-track Juniorprofessor at the Jena University Hospital, Germany, where he leads a team dedicated to the advancement of mass spectrometry-based omics technologies. Their mission is to translate molecular signatures into actionable clinical insights. The integration of ion mobility spectrometry has become key in their laboratory to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of omics analyses. Florian accepted his current position after a short post-doctoral period at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich in 2018 for his research on mass spectrometry data acquisition methods under the supervision of Prof. Matthias Mann. His contributions were recognized with the MPIB Junior Scientist’s Publication Award and with the Wolfgang Paul Study Award of the German Mass Spectrometry Society.

“The MobiliTraIN consortium aims to fundamentally advance our understanding of ion mobility. We envision that this will enable us to fully leverage ion mobility information for the analysis of complex biological samples.”  

Selected Publications

  1. Peptide collision cross sections of 22 post-translational modifications. Will A, Oliinyk D, Bleiholder C, Meier F. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. (2023)
  2. Ion mobility-resolved phosphoproteomics with dia-PASEF and short gradients. Oliinyk D & Meier F. Proteomics (2022)
  3. Deep learning the collisional cross sections of the peptide universe from a million experimental values. Meier F et al. Nature Communications (2021)
  4. Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry (TIMS) and Parallel Accumulation – Serial Fragmentation (PASEF) in Proteomics. Meier F, Park MA, Mann M. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics (2021)
  5. diaPASEF: parallel accumulation–serial fragmentation combined with data-independent acquisition. Meier F et al. Nature Methods (2020)