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DC8 supervisor

Prof. Dr. Adrian Covaci

Universiteit Antwerpen (UAntwerpen), Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Belgium

Adrian Covaci (PhD, male) is professor of environmental toxicology and chemistry at the UAntwerpen. His expertise focusses primarily on the development and validation of analytical methods for the determination of a broad range of legacy and emerging organic contaminants in environmental, food, and human samples. The principal aim of his research is related to the exposome framework, and in particular the characterization of human exposure to organic contaminants and the assessment of the potential toxic and adverse effects on humans resulting from such exposures. AC has published 750+ articles in peer-reviewed journals (WoS H-index: 100, and is the leader of the Exposome Centre of Excellence at the UAntwerpen.

“MobiliTraIN is a well-timed project in which we can apply our experience in the use of ion mobility and high-resolution mass spectrometry for the identification of novel organic contaminants in the indoor environment and humans. At the same time, we are very excited to partner with prestigious academic institutes and with all relevant vendors of ion mobility technology, which will boost the range of applications and will lead to new research ideas for all involved partners. We are convinced that this will bring recognition to the ion mobility.”

Selected Publications

  1. Belova Lidia, Poma Giulia, Roggeman Maarten, Jeong Yunsun, Kim Da-Hye, Berghmans Patrick, Peters Jan, Salamova Amina, van Nuijs Alexander, Covaci Adrian. Identification and characterization of quaternary ammonium compounds in Flemish indoor dust by ion-mobility high-resolution mass spectrometry. Environment international 177(2023), 108021
  2. Roggeman Maarten, Belova Lidia, Fernández Sandra F., Kim Da-Hye, Jeong Yunsun, Poma Giulia, Remy Sylvie, Verheyen Veerle J., Schoeters Greet, van Nuijs Alexander, Covaci Adrian. Comprehensive suspect screening for the identification of contaminants of emerging concern in urine of Flemish adolescents by liquid chromatography high-resolution mass spectrometry. Environmental research 214:3(2022), 114105
  3. Belova Lidia, Caballero Casero Noelia, van Nuijs Alexander, Covaci Adrian. Ion mobility-high-resolution mass spectrometry (IM-HRMS) for the analysis of Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs): database compilation and application to urine samples. Analytical chemistry 93:16(2021), p. 6428-6436