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The 1st MobiliTraIN press release is out!

Read our first press release which addresses why we need IM-HRMS, what challenges MobiliTraIN tackles and how the project will create impact through innovation.

Why do we need IM-HRMS?
This technology aids in characterising complex mixtures and identifying individual components with greater precision. As a result, IM-HRMS facilitates advancements in various fields such as biology, environmental science and material research.

What challenges is MobiliTraIN addressing?
The lack of standardisation in data collection, analysis, and reporting across different IM-HRMS instrument types, laboratories and disciplines hinders meeting strict regulatory demands. MobiliTraIN aims to change this by creating standardised reference materials and protocols, elevating the reliability of IM-HRMS and making it the preferred choice for routine compound identification and characterisation.

From innovation to impact
Through the first doctoral training programme dedicated to IM-HRMS, MobiliTraIN fosters innovation and collaboration to overcome fragmentation in the uptake of the IM-HRMS technology. The standardised reference measurement procedures developed by MobiliTraIN will help ensure the quality and safety of medications, improve assurance of food and water safety, and contribute to the emergence of new applications of IM-HRMS across Europe’s key industries, e.g. in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clinical applications, industrial chemistry, environmental, as well as security and forensics.

A multidisciplinary consortium
MobiliTraIN brings together 9 Beneficiaries and 13 Associated Partners from 8 countries including IM-HRMS experts from industry and academia. This multidisciplinary consortium, coordinated by Assoc.Prof. Tim Causon from BOKU, the Vienna-based University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, is well-equipped to drive IM-HRMS innovation and advance its adoption across sectors.

View and download the full press release on the materials page of our website.


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